The meaning of openness

blueBill Mobile is a Free and Open Source Software. What does it mean in practice? That the software is yours, user, as much as ours, developers. It means that you can ask for new features and even give us your contribution, that we'll make available to everyone. Contributing a new feature is of course the fastest way to have it released for use.

We are pleased to say that we have just received the first contributions:

  1. A german fellow birder who's planning a trip in Southern Africa has sent us the data about the Roberts checklist for the birds in that area. About 1,000 species will be available in english, german and afrikaan languages. Since the trip is going to happen soon, we have rescheduled our plans in order to deliver it in time.
  2. Another fellow birder is working on providing the german localization for the application. We don't know yet when this new feature will be ready.

In the Developers page we're going to provide a document that should be signed by most people that are willing to make contributions, in order to guarantee that they are available to everybody in compliance with the project license.

We will provide in the next days an update to our plans, also taking in consideration that we have identified a problem that is preventing some models of Android smartphones to see blueBill Mobile in the Android Market (while it is anyway available in alternate markets).

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