Photos and informational fact sheets are coming

We promised them for July and we're beyond schedule, but version 0.16, due for the end of September, is going to deliver photos and informational fact sheets for our feathered friends. As a starter, the available data will come from Wikipedia; we are already negotiating the access to further data sources (including more and better photos), which will be available at the next round.

blueBill Mobile for Android v0.16 will come with informational fact sheets preloaded; instead pictures will have to be downloaded as you currently do for calls. In order to facilitate your operations, we are working to a “mass download” feature that allows to download all the resources for a given checklist in a single step, requiring a WiFi connection. Once completed this single step, pictures will be immediately available without requiring any further connection.

Below are two preliminary screenshots from v0.16 (visible only if you browse this page with a regular web browser) - as you can see, we've also changed the default look and feel with a new black-on-white theme that makes it easier to read information.

Before v0.16 it's possible that a v0.15.1 is released with some bug fixes for the currently released version.


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