New server

The upcoming version 1.0 adds photo support to fact sheets and thanks to the first testers of alpha versions we discovered that there were problems in our infrastructure. While photos are published by Wikimedia Commons, they can't be directly served from Wikipedia servers, since they have to be pre-optimized for the rendering device. A device with a large screen needs - and can manage - large images, while on a mobile phone large images and are likely to run the phone out of memory. Summing up, photos need to be served by our infrastructure.

Now, our previous server wasn't fast enough to serve photos to all blueBill users. As a result, you've probably experienced some intermittent connectivity problem when pointing your browser here in the past month of August.

For this reason, we've moved our server to a faster internet provider. You should no more experience connectivity problems and the navigation in the website should be faster. We've running another set of tests to confirm that the new server will be able to support the 1400 users currently enjoying blueBill - after the end of this test, blueBill 1.0 beta will be available. It's a matter of a few more days. Thanks for your patience.

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