blueBill Mobile v0.11.1 released with urgent fixes for Android 1.5

Thanks to the detailed report by a user, we have identified a serious problem that crashed blueBill Mobile on an HTC Magic. We think that other mobile phones running Android 1.5 could be affected by the same problem. A new version, v0.11.1, has been just released to the Android Market with the required corrections. We have been reported that the new version runs fine on the HTC Magic.

It's important for us to receive reports about problems with as many details as possible; we're committed in fixing them in the shortest possible time.

If you have blueBill Mobile already installed on your Android phone, it is possible to upgrade by checking the list of installed applications by clicking on the "Market" icon.

Please be aware that upgrading might erase your current list of observations; save them before upgrading.

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