blueBill Mobile v0.10.0 released

blueBill Mobile for Android v0.10.0 has been released. As the version number suggests, we have got new features, the most important being the availability of new european languages for more than the 90% of species names: danish, german, spanish, finnish, french, dutch, norvegian and swedish. This makes the application usable by a larger number of people and we believe that now blueBill Mobile is a really valuable tool for birdwatching in Europe. The application itself still "talks" only in english and italian in its menus and buttons - we're searching for volunteers willing to help in translations for the other languages.

This version is also important because it fixes a number of annoying bugs of the initial version, in particular there should no more "freezes" at startup, when activating the GPS and downloading maps. Maps now works with language settings different than english and another problem, that caused the gender information to be lost after a switching to another application and coming later back to blueBill Mobile, has been fixed.

If you have blueBill Mobile already installed on your Android phone, it is possible to upgrade by checking the list of installed applications by clicking on the "Market" icon.

Please be aware that upgrading will erase your current list of observations; save them before upgrading.

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