blueBill Mobile for Android v0.11.0 released

blueBill Mobile for Android v0.11.0 has been released. Improvements have been done in the capability of adding information to an observation: in particular, it's now possible to specify whether the bird has been watched, listened or both; it is possible to attach free-text notes to observations; it is possible to specify that an observed bird is an adult without more details information about the gender. A few bugs have been fixed: in particular one that - in some cases - left the GPS equipment unnecessarily turned on (thus wasting battery power); and a warning about the disabled place name resolution that didn't go away even after the preferences were changed.

If you have blueBill Mobile already installed on your Android phone, it is possible to upgrade by checking the list of installed applications by clicking on the "Market" icon.

Please be aware that upgrading will erase your current list of observations; save them before upgrading.

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