blueBill Mobile for Android 0.13.0 released

A new version of blueBill Mobile for Android is available, delivering two main features.

First, there's a news reader connected to our blog feed, so you'll be able to stay informed about blueBill Mobile without having to open a browser. We will also publish tutorials and tips to the blog, that you'll be able to access right from inside the application. blueBill Mobile checks and downloads news only when you enable internet connections, and no more than once per day; in case of unread news, a notification automatically appears in the status bar of the smartphone.

Secondarily, we're improved the look and feel of the user interface in many parts, specially the Calls Fact Sheet, which is now more intuitive. As usual, also minor defects have been corrected, included some improper translations in French language.

If you have blueBill Mobile already installed on your Android phone, it is possible to upgrade by checking the list of installed applications by clicking on the "Market" icon.

Please be aware that upgrading will erase your current list of observations; save them before upgrading.


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