blueBill Mobile for Android 0.12.1 released

A new version of blueBill Mobile for Android has been released, estabilishing an important milestone for the project. In fact, there is a brand new feature that paves the way for a whole set of features that will see the light in future: multi-media fact sheets. blueBill Mobile now gives easy access to the bird song database of xeno-canto. As a starter, more than 6,000 recordings from 680 bird species are available and can be individually downloaded and played off-line.

It is also possible to create and share a KML file for an observation report. In this way, data can be easily imported in Google Earth or into other geographical applications.

Traveling birdwatchers will also appreciate the “Names” fact sheet, which gives access, for each bird species, to the localized names in ten diferent languages. Also, we have provided the full localization of the application in french language.

As usual, a number of smaller defects have been corrected.

If you have blueBill Mobile already installed on your Android phone, it is possible to upgrade by checking the list of installed applications by clicking on the "Market" icon.

Please be aware that upgrading will erase your current list of observations; save them before upgrading.

Privacy note. With the new version, when you connect to the internet to download media, your phone will transmit some information to us: the model, the manufacturer, the operating system version and the language. They will be used for statistic purposes (including finding out defects with some specific handsets and guessing which localization are more important). No personal information, no geographic information and no data about your observations is transmitted.


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