Take your notes quickly

Write down your observations on the smartphone, quickly and accurately. Browse a checklist* with smart filters or by order / family / genus and species.


Geotag your observations annotating them with the GPS coordinates. Attach the name of your current place if you have a working networking connection.

Multiple languages

In every screen bird species can be rendered with or without the scientific name and up to two languages at the same time** - a valuable tool for journeys abroad.

Share your data

Share your observations***, even in real-time, in a matter of seconds. Choose whether to send them to a fellow birder by email, SMS or Facebook™ (on enabled smartphones).

Bird songs

blueBill Mobile gives access to the recording database of xeno-canto: about 19,000 recordings from about 2,300 species will help you in the identification on the field.


blueBill Mobile exports data in KML: look at your geotagged observations with Google Earth or other geographic applications. More export formats will come, to give your data ever more freedom and integration capabilities.


Your data stays on your smartphone unless you decide to share them. blueBill Mobile doesn't even try to connect to the internet unless you explicitly enable it. This is also great for keeping telephony costs under control.

Free and open source

Available on your smartphone for free - and it's open source. You suggest us what features you'd like to see in future and, if you are a developer, you can develop with us.

Future features

Future versions will feature support for more checklists, more languages, more media in the fact sheets for the bird species for facilitating your observations on the field.


* Checklists for the Western Palearctic ecozone, North America and Southern Africa
** For the Western Palearctic Ecozone
species names are fully available in english and italian languages; 90% of names also available in danish, german, spanish, finnish, french, dutch, norvegian and swedish. For North America, species names are fully available in english and french. For the Southern Africa, species names are fully available in english, german and afrikaans.
*** Share your data responsibily: protect your feathered friends! Check out good sharing policies with your local birdwatching organisations.



Il sito è disponibile anche in lingua italiana.

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